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Nuclear Seminars 2016 Spring

  Title: Life as a free neutron
  Speaker: Prof. Nadia Fomin
  Institute: University of Tennessee
  Date: Monday, May 9, 2016
  Time: 4:00 - 5:00 pm EST
  Place: Nieuwland Science Hall, Room 124


Neutrons have been a useful probe in many fields of science as well as an important physical system for study in themselves. Modern neutron sources provide extraordinary opportunities to study a wide variety of physics topics. One of those, neutron beta decay, is an archetype for all semi-leptonic charged-current weak processes. A precise value for the neutron lifetime is required for consistency tests of the Standard Model and is needed to predict the primordial 4He abundance from the theory of Big Bang Nucleosynthesis. The most precise experiments from the past 10 years show a significant disagreement. The state of the field will be discussed and a program for "beam" measurements of the neutron lifetime in the US will be presented.




89Zr (n,γ) cross sections from
a surrogate reaction approach
January 18 Dr. Shuya Ota
Lawrence Livermore
National Laboratory
Special Nuclear Seminar
Nucleosynthesis in Type I X-ray Bursts: Exploring the αρ-Process through High Precision (ρ,t) Measurements
January 22
Mr. Alexander Long
University of Notre Dame
Direct Measurements of the 23Na(ρ,γ)24Mg Cross Section Underground at LUNA January 25 Mr. Axel Boeltzig
Gran Sasso Science Institute
L'Aquila, Italy
(α,ρ) reaction Measurements with ANASEN February 1 Mr. Kevin Macon
Louisiana State University
Examining nuclear shell structure effects on isoscalar giant monopole resonance and nuclear incompressibility near A~90 February 8 Dr. Yogesh Gupta
University of Notre Dame
Low-Energy 20Ne(p,γ)21Na Cross-section Study with the 5U-4 St. Ana Accelerator February 15 Ms. Stephanie Lyons
University of Notre Dame
Experimental study of level density, gamma-strength and optical potentials for reaction cross section calculations February 22 Dr. Alexander Voinov
Ohio University
Spring Break March 7
Inferring neutron capture rates
of short-lived isotopes
March 14 Dr. Sean Liddick
Easter March 28
GRETINA, the gamma-ray energy tracking array, and its recent science results April 4 Dr. I-Yang Lee
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Putting together the pieces of the puzzle
for double beta decay
April 18 Prof. Dieter Frekers
University of Münster, Germany
Halo effective field theory constrains the solar Beryllium-7 + proton -> Boron-8 + photon rate April 25 Dr. Xilin Zhang
University of Washington
Results from GRETINA at ATLAS May 2 Dr. Michael Carpenter
Argonne National Laboratory
Life as a free neutron May 9 Prof. Nadia Fomin
University of Tennessee
Exploration beyond the neutron drip line with MoNA-LISA Tuesday
May 17
Dr. Anthony Kuchera

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