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4MV KN and 1MV JN Van-de-Graaff Accelerator


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 The 4MV model KNaccelerator from High Voltage Engineering was located at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario. The picture shows its position for the last decades. After funding in Canada was discontinued the machine has been moved to the Nuclear Structure Laboratory in the Department of Physics at the University of Notre Dame for further use in nuclear astrophysics and applied research.

Machine Parameters

This 1MV model JN accelerator from High Voltage Engineering was located at the University of Toronto, Canada. It has been used extensively by the ND nuclear astrophysics group for reaction studies in stellar hydrogen and helium burning. The accelerator has been moved to ND in 1996 to intensify their program.



  • Lab Report for SNEAP'99
  • News & Conferences

    Town Meeting on Nuclear Structure and Astrophysics    9 - 12 November 2000.
    The Town Meetings will be held in the Oakland Convention Center/ Oakland
    Marriott City Center near the Berkeley Lab and campus
    Workshop on Frontiers in Nuclear Astrophysics (Notre Dame 19-20 April 2000)

    Existing Beam Lines and Equipment

    Proposed Beam Lines and Equipment

    Data Acquisition

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  • The White Paper, Opportunities in Nuclear Astrophysics (1999)
  • JINA Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics
  • Division of Nuclear Physics (DNP)

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