All morning lectures and lunch talks will be in room 101 of Jordan Hall of Science 1st floor. The poster session will also be in Jordan Hall of Science the galleria area outside of the room 101. 

Full Program (pdf)

Tentative Program

Time    Sunday
June 5
June 6
June 7
June 8
June 9
June 10
8:30     Special Topic:
LIGO - Reed Essick
Applied Nuclear Science -
Libby McCutchan
Neutrinos in Nuclear Science -
Thomas Brunner
Fundamental Symmetries II - 
Leendert Hayen
Superheavy Elements - Cody Folden
9:20   Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
9:35   Nuclear Astrophysics Theory I -
Nicole Vassh
Nuclear Astrophysics
Theory II -
Nicole Vassh
Nuclear Structure Experiment I -
Ani Aprahamian
Nuclear Structure Theory I -
Mark Caprio
Nuclear Structure Theory II - Mark Caprio
10:25   Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
10:40   Nuclear Reactions Experiment I -
Calem Hoffman
Nuclear Reactions Experiment II -
Calem Hoffman
Fundamental Symmetry I -
Leendert Hayen
Nuclear Structure Experiment II -
Ani Aprahamian
Nuclear Astrophysics Experiment II -
Melina Avila
11:30   Lunch talk: Beam Optics/RIB Separators -
Matt Amthor
Lunch talk: History of the NSL and TwinSol
 Jim Kolata
Lunch talk: Producing Medical Isotopes
- Graham Peaslee
Lunch talk: DEI in Nuclear Physics
- Sherry Yennello
Lunch talk: Possible Careers as Nuclear Physicists
- Mick Kilburn
12:20   Experimental Techniques -
Sergio Almaraz-Calderon
Ion Trapping of RIB -
Ryan Ringle
Nuclear Astrophysics Experiment I -
Melina Avila
Student Poster Prizes & Closing Remarks
12:30   walk to Nieuwland & NSL Lab Tour
13:10   Break Break Break DVT Show (~ 45 minutes)
13:25   Hands-on Activities Hands-on Activities Hands-on Activities Dismiss @ 13:50
13:50   Hands-on Activities
17:00 Welcome Reception Free Evening BBQ Night Poster Session South Bend Cubs Game