Wiescher and Manukyan author book summarizing scientific methods used to characterization of cultural heritage objects

Author: Shelly Goethals

Book Cover

Experimental nuclear science faculty have published a book that summarizes scientific methods that are currently used to characterize objects of cultural heritage and archaeological artifacts. Authored by Friemann Professor of Physics Michael Wiescher and Assistant Research Professor Khachatur Manukyan, the book covers spectroscopy, isotope analysis techniques, imaging techniques, and archeological dating.

The characterization of cultural heritage objects becomes increasingly important for conservation, restoration, dating, and authentication purposes. The use of scientific methods in archaeometry and conservation science has led to a significant broadening of the field. Scientific analysis of these objects is a challenging task due to their complex composition, artistic and historical values requiring the use of minimally invasive and nondestructive analytical procedures.

Published by Morgan & Claypool Publishers, it is available in soft cover, hard cover, and ebook. http://store.morganclaypool.com