2018 Open House

Nuclear Science Laboratory Open House
124 Nieuwland Science Hall
Friday, April 6th 2018
4:00 - 6:30pm

It has been 80 years since the Notre Dame Nuclear Structure Laboratory (NSL) - today Nuclear Science Laboratory - was founded with the completion of the first nuclear accelerator, the "atom-smasher", on campus. It was the fifth accelerator built in the United States and the first of many more state-of-the-art machines built for doing research in all aspects of nuclear science at universities.

The NSL is home for many generations of graduate students who received their PhD degrees at Notre Dame. More than 170 former graduate students, having received their Ph.D. degrees, have gone on to serve the country as teachers, researchers, and administrators at universities, national laboratories, hospitals, industries, and government.

The Nuclear Science Laboratory welcomes the public to tour our lab as part of the 80th Anniversary Celebration! During the tour, participants are introduced to the world of nuclear physics and led through the lab to see particle accelerators, detectors, and more! While the tours are available to all ages, a basic understanding of atoms and elements will enable you to get the most from the experience. Most areas are wheelchair friendly.

Please be aware that long pants and closed-toe shoes with a substantial sole are required for entry into experimental areas. You will not be allowed on the tour in shorts or sandals. Safety glasses will be provided for use during your visit. The following forms must be completed and signed before you will be allowed into restricted areas (second is for minors only). We will have copies of these forms available on site as well.

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