Shaofei Zhu

Zhuddha Touchup

Shaofei Zhu (1969 - 2021) received his PhD in Nuclear Physics from the University of Notre Dame under the guidance of Professor Umesh Garg. His thesis used data taken at ATLAS with Gammasphere at Argonne National Laboratory. After receiving his degree, Shaofei joined Argonne as a post-doc within PHY, and he worked closely with the nuclear structure group. For his second post-doc, he worked with Filip Kondev here at ANL, performing nuclear data evaluations. At the completion of this post-doc term, he accepted a staff position within PHY as ATLAS User Liaison Physicist. He excelled in this position redefining its responsibilities of providing strong support to Users as they planned and executed their experiments at ATLAS. In addition, he continued to play a key role in the upkeep of the Gammasphere spectrometer. Furthermore, he served as scientific project manager for the GRETINA spectrometer when it was sited at ATLAS for its first and second experimental campaigns. Shaofei recently left the Laboratory to take on a new role with the National Nuclear Data Center at Brookhaven National Laboratory where his expertise in nuclear structure and experimental nuclear physics was an asset in his new responsibilities.

Shaofei was a well-respected and talented scientist. He co-authored nearly 400 peer-reviewed articles. He not only touched the lives of members of the Division, but he also had an enormous impact on the entire ATLAS community. Shaofei provided remarkable assistance to researchers coming from every corner of the world.  While he was no longer a PHY staff member, Shaofei continued to collaborate with scientists of the Division. In fact, Shaofei was currently serving on the ATLAS User Executive Committee and recently just finished taking data on 241Am decay with Gammasphere to address open questions regarding nuclear data evaluations.

Shaofei passed away unexpectedly on Monday, November 1 at his home. He is survived by his wife Xiangbin and his two children Cindy and Sean.