Nuclear Physics Seminar: Dr. Joachim Goerres, University of Notre Dame


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Neutron transfer and neutron capture on the example of 25Mg(d,p) and 25Mg(n,g)

Dr. Joachim Goerres
Department of Physics
University of Notre Dame

Radiative neutron capture reactions play an important role in nuclear astrophysics. In some cases direct neutron capture reaction studies are not possible and neutron transfer reactions have been suggested as a surrogate approach. We have performed a detailed study of theĀ 25 Mg(d,p)26Mg reaction at a beam energy of 56 MeV as surrogate reaction to the radiative neutron capture reaction 25Mg(n,g)26Mg. The experimental results indicate that different levels in 26Mg are being populated through the two reaction mechanisms, which would causeĀ substantial discrepancies in the reaction rate prediction.

Hosted by Prof. Wiescher