Nuclear Physics Seminar: Prof. Manoel Couder & Luis Morales, University of Notre Dame


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The SECAR Recoil Separator at FRIB

Prof. Manoel Couder
University of Notre Dame

In this short presentation I'll present the SECAR recoil separator installed at FRIB. SECAR, now under commissioning, was designed and constructed by a large multi-institution collaboration. Notre Dame was responsible for the delivery of the ion optics and associated specifications of the electro-magnetic elements as well as the oversight of the construction of those elements. Now Notre Dame collaborators provide key support to the commissioning and the upcoming experimental program. Report on the recent progress will be discussed.


Measurement of resonance strengths in the 20Ne(α, γ) 24Mg reaction with the St. George recoil mass separator

Luis Morales, Graduate Student
University of Notre Dame

The St. George recoil mass separator at the University of Notre Dame has been used to study the 20Ne(α, γ) 24Mg reaction. The reaction rate of 20Ne(α, γ) 24Mg is important in advanced burning stages in massive stars such as carbon, neon and silicon burning. Three known resonances strengths have been measured as part of commissioning experiments of St. George and the characterization of its focal plane detector. St. George rejects the un-reacted 20Ne beam and sends the 24Mg recoils into a particle identification detection system using the time-of-flight versus residual energy approach. The measured resonance strengths will be compared to the literature. A path to study 20Ne(α, γ) 24Mg at lower energy will be discussed.

Hosted by Prof. Wiescher

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