Nuclear Physics Seminar: Prof. Philip Adsley, Texas A&M University


Location: 184 Nieuwland Science Hall

Nuclear astrophysics with the K600 at iThemba LABS

Prof. Philip Adsley
Texas A&M University

The difficulty of direct measurements for nuclear astrophysics necessitates indirect measurements to provide experiment-based constraints on reaction rates. In this seminar, I will discuss recent results from iThemba LABS in South Africa, focusing on coincidence measurements performed with the K600 magnetic spectrometer and the Coincidence Array for K600 Experiments (the CAKE), an array of double-sided silicon strip detectors. Particular focus will be given to recent measurements of the 24Mg(α,α) reaction and subsequent charged-particle decays from possible resonances above the 12C+12C threshold and measurements of proton decays from 22Mg with application to the 18Ne(α,p) reaction in Type-I X-ray bursts.

Hosted by Prof. Couder

Presented both in-person and via zoom. Please email for zoom link.