2024 Physics & Astronomy Graduate Program Awards Announced

Author: Shelly Goethals

The Department of Physics and Astronomy has announced graduate student award recipients for the 2023-24 academic year.

Scott Carmichael is a recipient of the Distinguished Research Award. Carmichael was recognized for extraordinary efforts in commissioning a high-precision magnetic spectrometer at the Nuclear Science Laboratory and its subsequent use to elucidate radioisotope production in supernovae.

Ka Wa (Andy) Ho also received a Distinguished Research Award. Ho was cited for outstanding contributions to the study of the Higgs Boson decays and the development of electronics for the upgraded CMS detector.

Grace Longbons is the recipient of this year's Graduate Leadership and Service Award. Longbons was recognized for the creation of the Graduate Physics and Astronomy Student's Gender Inclusivity Committee and outstanding service on the departmental Diversity Committee and GPAS.

The recipient of the Graduate Research and Dissertation Award is Sushrut Ghonge. He was recognized for his prolific work on a wide range of topics in theoretical condensed matter physics, quantum optics, quantum statistics and network theory. His dissertation was titled "Optical Cooling and Superradiance in Flourescent Solids", and he was advised by Profs. Boldizsar Janko & Masaru Kuno.