Aprahamian appointed to Armenia Prime Minister's advisory council

Author: Janet Weikel


Ani Aprahamian, Freimann Professor of Physics and concurrent Professor of Chemistry and BioChemistry at the University of Notre Dame has been appointed to the advisory council of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia focusing on the formulation of strategies for the advancement of science and technologies. The council will be chaired by the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan. It includes the Vice President of the National Assembly, Ministers of Education, Science, Culture and Sport, the High Tech Minister, the Minister of Economy, a number of scientists including the 2022 Biology Nobel prize winner Patapoutian, and founders and CEOs of several high tech companies. Professor Aprahamian was the former director of the A. Alikhanyan National Science Laboratory of Armenia. Aprahamian is an experimental nuclear physicist with research interests in nuclear astrophysics, origin of the heavy elements, quantum dynamics in nuclei, and applications of nuclear science.