Aprahamian reappointed to SDSTA Board of Directors

Author: Shelly Goethals

Ani Aprahamian Web

Freimann Professor of Physics Ani Aprahamian was unanimously re-appointed by the Governor of South Dakota to the South Dakota to the Science and Technology Authority (SDSTA) Board of Directors until December of 2027. The SDSTA oversees the Sanford Underground Research Facility which has now a cooperative agreement with the Department of Energy's High Energy Office of Science for the DUNE project, and manages the underground facilities including Notre Dame's CASPAR accelerator. The Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE) is a neutrino experiment under construction, with a near detector at Fermilab and a far detector at the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF) that will observe neutrinos produced at Fermilab.