FN Low-Energy injection beamline upgrade completed

Author: Janet Weikel

Fn Le Upgrade 2Schematic layout of the Low-Energy FN Tandem injection beamline pre-upgrade

The goal of this Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) grant was to modify the low energy injection system of the FN tandem electrostatic accelerator of the Nuclear Science Laboratory (NSL) at the University of Notre Dame (ND) to provide higher mass resolution necessary for improved isotopic selectivity at isotopic masses beyond sulfur and chlorine. 

The grant centered on the acquisition of a new 45˚electrostatic analyzer followed by a 90˚ dipole magnet, and the repositioning of our existing Multi-Cathode Source of Negative Ions by Cesium Sputtering (MC-SNICS) ion source to create a new low energy, high mass resolution injection beamline to the FN accelerator. A new off-axis multi faraday-cup system combined with beam injection sequencing and control system as well as a reconfiguration of the existing ion beam optics provides continuous ion source beam output monitoring, improved beam diagnostics and transmission.

The modified system will not only extend measurement capabilities and expand the broad portfolio of available accelerated beams, but also improve the measurements concentration sensitivities of numerous radionuclides, making the NSL a unique and world-leading facility for both the development of new highly sensitive detection techniques and for the measurements of isotopic ratios not yet possible.

Post Fn UpgradeLow-Energy FN Tandem injection beam post-upgrade