ISNAP Alumnus Collaborates at ND on Solutions for Smart Farming

Author: Daniel Robertson

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Luis Morales a 2021 Nuclear Science Lab graduate returns to Notre Dame for a technical collaboration with Electrical Engineering Professor Jonathan Chisum. By collaborating with Professor Chisum’s lab, Luis was able to diagnose and improve their next-generation ultra-wide-radar sensor’s performance for increased reliability and lifetime of their header height controller. With a Notre Dame Ph.D. in Nuclear Astrophysics in 2021, Morales was delighted to spend time in the Notre Dame lab, an environment he knows well. For two months, Luis became a de-facto group member working alongside Chisum’s undergraduate and graduate students to tackle the challenge head-on.  

From a Nuclear Lab to the field and back to the lab. The training and skills Luis developed while gaining his PhD have been put to an amazing use in finding solutions to real world issues in smart Ag.  

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