Lee successfully defends Ph.D. dissertation

Author: Janet Weikel

Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis on April 4, 2024 on the development of fIReBall for measurements of electrons and gamma-rays in coincidence advised by Prof. Ani Aprahamian. Kevin made substantial technical advances and improvements by simulations using FreeCad, comsol,and geant4. The resulting new magnet designs increased the efficiency of the spectrometer by 100%, reduced the background radiation of gamma-rays by the new BGO shields, and developed a new technique for reliable target preparation. He showed that multipolarities can be extracted from the peaks of conversion lines in coincidence with gamma-rays. He has published 5 papers in refereed journals and developed a new code for the calculations of transition probabilities equivalent to the code used by Nuclear Data but much easier to use. Kevin was also the 2023 Cornelius P. Browne Award recipient.