Nelson successfully defends Ph.D. dissertation

Author: Janet Weikel

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Congratulations to Austin Nelson for successfully defending his Doctoral Dissertation on March 30th, 2023. His thesis titled "A NOVEL"IN-CATHODE" ACTIVATION TECHNIQUE FOR 41CA PRODUCTION CROSS SECTION MEASUREMENTS USING ACCELERATOR MASS SPECTROMETRY" advised by Professor Philippe Collon, focused on the development of a new activation technique, bypassing chemical processing of the activated material prior to an AMS measurement. He used this technique to measure for the first time the 40Ca(3He,2p)41Ca cross-section at energies relevant for early solar system formation (X-wind model). These measurements are part of a larger project to understand the production of so-called “Short-lived Radionuclides” (SLRs) that can be use as chosmochronometers to understand early solar system formation. As Austin is preparing for his next career steps, we wish him all the best in his future endeavors!