Peaslee Research Links Flourine to Fast Food

Author: Janet Weikel

Fast Food Wrapper

Professor Graham Peaslee's research paper titled “Fluorinated Compounds in U.S. Fast Food Packaging” has received national attention after the first 2 weeks of its published release on February 1 in Environmental and Science Technology Letters. He has been interviewed by over 200 news media across the country such as ABC, CBS, Fox, ConsumerReports.Org, Huffington Post, Today, Yahoo News to name a few as well as other media outlets around the world.

The study collected around 400 samples of food contact papers, paperboard containers, and beverage containers from fast food restaurants throughout the United States and measured total fluorine using particle-induced γ-ray emission (PIGE) spectroscopy. They found that 46% of food contact papers and 20% of paperboard samples contained detectable fluorine.