Sensharma's Ph.D. thesis published by Springer Theses

Author: Janet Weikel

Sensharma Headshot

The Ph.D. thesis of Dr. Nirupama Sensharma, titled “Wobbling motion in nuclei: Transverse, Longitudinal, and Chiral” has been published as a book by the well-known science publisher Springer under the “Springer Theses” series.

In this series, the very best Ph.D. theses in the physical sciences are selected from all over the world. Each published book is chosen for its scientific excellence and the high effect of its contents for the relevant field of research after being nominated and endorsed by two renowned experts. The published editions come with an expanded preface and a foreword from the student's supervisor outlining the unique value of the work for the area, making them more accessible to non-specialists. Both beginners to the scientific fields and other scientists looking for in-depth background information on certain topics will find the series to be an invaluable resource.

In her thesis, Dr. Sensharma makes several novel insights on wobbling, such as the coexistence of longitudinal and transverse wobbling modes in a single nucleus and establishes nuclear triaxiality as a widespread phenomenon throughout the nuclear chart. Her dissertation was carried out under the supervision of Prof. Umesh Garg. Dr. Sensharma was also the recipient of the 2021 Graduate Research and Dissertation Award and the 2021 Cornelius P. Browne Memorial Award in Nuclear Physics, awarded by the University of Notre Dame Graduate School and the Department of Physics and Astronomy respectively.  She is currently a Postdoctoral Research Associate working with Prof. Akaa Daniel Ayangeakaa at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.