Shahina successfully defends Ph.D. dissertation

Author: Janet Weikel


Shahina successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation on April 2, 2024 entitled “Stellar Neutron Sources for the Slow Neutron Capture Nucleosynthesis” advised by Prof. Michael Wiescher and Dr. James deBoer. She made new resonance strength measurements for the 22Ne(a,g)26Mg, 22Ne(a,n)25Mg and 25Mg(a,n)28Si reactions using the HECTOR g-ray summing detector, a stilbene crystal neutron detector, and deuterated liquid scintillator detectors, respectively. The 22Ne(a,g)26Mg measurements were made at the CASPAR, part of the Sanford Underground Research Facility in South Dakota, while her other measurements were made at ND’s Nuclear Science Laboratory. These results have been published in two articles in Physical Review C and have been accompanied by numerous presentations at national and international conferences.