Shamrock Series brings Notre Dame scientists to Alamo City

Author: Janet Weikel

On November 11, the Notre Dame College of Science hosted the “Let’s Have a Moment of Science” outreach event in San Antonio as part of the Shamrock Series which attracted about 1,200 middle schools students from around the city. The university had professors and experts talking about water for farmers, understanding mathematical patterns, bugs and faces. Twenty-four representatives from different STEM fields at Notre Dame performed educational demonstrations at the event. Four physics graduate students, including three Nuclear students (Adam Clark, Austin Nelson, and Craig Reingold) and one Astronomy student (Sarah Dietz) represented the physics department. These demos were able to teach topics such as electric circuits, light absorption, the Doppler effect, and sound waves to the students in an entertaining, hands-on approach. 

In addition to STEM demos, the students attended four TED-style presentations given by the following Notre Dame professors: Jennifer Tank (Biology), David Galvin (Mathematics), Nicole Achee & John Grieco (Eck Institute for Global Health), and Patrick Flynn (Computer Science and Engineering). 

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