A brief overview and history of the Nuclear Science Laboratory

Nuclear Science Laboratory researchers are traveling a mile below, to look for answers about the sky above.

The University of Notre Dame has a long legacy of excellence in nuclear physics research, beginning in 1937 with its first successful experiments accelerating particles. Since then, Notre Dame has continued to invest in nuclear physics, building a preeminent nuclear physics laboratory on campus, while also contributing to research projects and resources. With a distinctive history and continuing growth trajectory, Notre Dame’s nuclear physicists are working to discover the evolution of a star’s lifecycle – how do they live? how do they die? and how does this contribute to the evolution of the cosmos?

Notre Dame is one of the premier centers worldwide for the study of low-energy physics and the stellar environment. In Spring 2012, Notre Dame completed the installation of a new accelerator, based on a $3.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation. This was the first university-based accelerator in the United States to be funded by the NSF in nearly 30 years.

“Under One Dome” is a video series highlighting diversity and inclusion at Notre Dame; it features interviews with faculty members talking about their own experiences as well as their teaching and research. Dr. Micha Kilburn talks about JINA-CEE and the Outreach programs.

Prof. Wiescher honored at the September 15 ND football game as member of the all-faculty team

NSL 80th Anniversary Celebration Song!