Computing and Data Analysis for Physicists

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Physics 60070 - Fall Semester 2015

Professor Anna Simon
Department of Physics, University of Notre Dame

Course Syllabus

Course Goals

The primary goal of this course is to provide an overview of experimental-data analysis utilizing the ROOT libraries through C++ in a lecture-laboratory setting. The course will lead with a focus on program design including: control structure, variables, functions, file I/O, and classes. Then it will continue with an introduction to ROOT including its data structure and conversion, and graphics output. It will finish with the use of macros and incorporation of ROOT libraries into C++ programs for the purpose of building data analysis structures tailored to a specific experiment or system. Upon successful completion of the course the students:

  • will be familiar with elements of the C++ language,
  • will be able to read and explain pieces of C++ code,
  • will be able to utilize ROOT environment for data analysis,
  • will write a complete data analysis code using C++ and ROOT libraries,
  • will be able to create publication ready scientific figures using ROOT.