REU 2020

REU 2020 Goes Online

Despite travel restrictions and lab closures, the REU program at the University of Notre Dame hosted fourteen undergraduate students this summer. Five of them joined the NSL and, under the supervision of Profs. Manoel Couder and Anna Simon, worked on Geant4 simulations of experiments at the NSL.


Adam, Isabella and Stanford used Geant4 to evaluate the impact of various parameters (incoming energy and mass, foils thickness, presence of magnetic field, ...) on the efficiency of the focal plane detection system of St. George. Cassidy and Ryan carried on an investigation of the detail of a clover detector design to create a simulation of a STARLiTeR-like array for future measurements at the NSL. They presented their results during the REU seminar at the end of the summer and then during the DNP CEU event in October 2020 that was hosted online by the Louisiana State University.