Alpha capture cross section on Ni isotopes

Published: August 2015 Simon

Lead Author(s): A. Simon

Systematic measurement of the (α,γ) reaction on Ni isotopes allowed for investigation of the HF cross section predictions in Z=28 region. The data obtained at ND using the NSCL’s SuN detector covers up to 8.5 MeV beam energy and agrees well with limited data found in literature. The measurements compared with Talys calculations (legend denotes input parameters: LD-γSF-αOMP combinations in Talys) are shown for the lightest and the heaviest Ni isotopes. A set of inputs was identified (dashed blue line) that reproduces all the data within experimental uncertainties and reduces the HF error to about 10-20%. The recommended model shows better agreement with data than those from commonly used data bases. Learn more

Publication: Systematic study of (α, γ) reactions for stable nickel isotopes