Year Name Adviser Ph.D. Thesis Title
2021 Burdette, Daniel Brodeur Precision Tests of the Standard Model Using Nuclear β Decay at the Nuclear Science Laboratory
2021 Henderson, Samuel Ahn Studies of Nuclear Structure Via B(E2) Measurements in ⁷Be and ⁸Li
2021 McGuinness, Sean Peaslee A Heavy-Ion Approach to Radiomedicine
2021 Sensharma, Nirupama Garg Wobbling Motion in Nuclei: Transverse, Longitudinal and Chiral
2021 Vande Kolk, Bryant Wiescher Cross Section Measurements of 10B(p,α)7Be
2020 Holmbeck, Erika Beers/Surman The Looking-Glass and Beyond: Using Observations and Modeling of Stellar Actinide Abundances as a Window into r-Process Events
2020 Howard, Kevin Garg Structure Effects on the Giant Monopole Resonance and Determinations of the Nuclear Incompressibility
2020 Liu, Qian Wiescher Measurement of Alpha Capture Reactions on 10,11B
2020 Reingold, Craig Simon Indirect Measurements of Neutron Induced Radiative Capture Cross Sections on Rare Earth Elements
2020 Sprouse, Trevor Surman New Techniques for the Analysis of Astrophysical Nucleosynthesis
2020 Huestis, Patricia Couder/LaVerne Exploration of Radiation Effects on Boehmite and Gibbsite
2020 Long, Jacob Brodeur Precision Half-Life Measurements of 13N, 25Al, and 29P for Testing the Standard Model
2020 Skulski, Michael Collon Development of 129I AMS at the Nuclear Science Laboratory for Meausrements of the Great Lake Region
2020 Strauss, Sabrina Aprahamian Conversion Electrons in 154,156Gd
2020 Anderson, Tyler Collon Measurement of 36Cl Production Cross Sections for Nuclear Astrophysics
2020 Siegl, Kevin Aprahamian Impact of Precise β-Decay Information on Trapped Ion β-Delayed Neutron Spectroscopy
2019 Chen, Yingying Wiescher Study of High Energy Levels of 26Mg through the  (d,p) Reaction and Its Implications for the Neutron Source in Nuclear Astrophysics
2019 Hall, Matthew Bardayan Identifying Long-Sought 18F(p,α)15O Resonances Affecting ɣ–Ray Emission from 18F in Novae
2019 Kelly, James Brodeur Precision measurements and development of a spectrometer to determine atomic masses of high impact for the astrophysical r-process
2019 Moran, Michael Couder/Wiescher Verification of Recoil Separator Properties through Direct Reaction Measurements
2019 Valverde, Adrian Brodeur Precision measurements to test the Standard Model and for Nuclear Astrophysics
2018 Lamere, Edward Couder Proton Induced Reactions on Molybdenum: Implications for Medical 99mTc Production
2018 McCoy, Anna Caprio Ab Initio Multi-Irrep Symplectic No-Core Configuration Interaction Calculations
2017 Constantinou, Chrysovalantis Caprio Natural Orbitals for the No-Core Configuration Interaction Approach
2017 Casarella, Clark Aprahamian Lifetime Measurements and the Feasibility of Vibrational Phonon Configurations in Deformed Rare-Earth Nuclei
2017 Smith, Mallory Aprahamian Chasing triaxiality: probing the structure of the A ~ 110 region via lifetime measurements in 109RU and 109TC with fast timing
2017 Li, Weichuan Caprio/Frauendorf Algebraic Collective Model and its Application to Core Quasiparticle Coupling
2016 Fang, Xiao Wiescher Measurement and extrapolation of total cross sections of 12C + 16O fusion at stellar energies
2016 Long, Alexander Wiescher An indirect study of the astrophysical 34Ar(3He, p)37K reaction and it’s impact on type-1 x-ray burst light curves
2016 Lu, Wenting Collon The development of 93Zr-93Nb isobar separation technique for future 93Zr AMS measurement
2016 Lyons, Stephanie Wiescher 20Ne(p, y)21Na cross section study with the 5U accelerator
2016 Ostdiek, Karen Collon Measurement of the Half-Life of 60FE for Stellar and Early Solar System Models Using the Direct Decay of 60m CO and Accelerator Mass Spectrometry