Year Name Adviser Ph.D. Thesis Title
1985 Aguilera, Eli F. Kolata Studies Of Fusion In The Silicon-28 + Silicon-28, Silicon-28 + Silicon-30 And Silicon-30 + Silicon-30 Reactions (Excitation Functions, Gamma Rays, Barrier Penetration Model, Evaporation Calculations)
1985 Xapsos, Mike Kolata Fusion Cross Section Measurements for 28Si+12C, 32S+12C, and 40Ca+12C Systems
1984 Satkowiak, Lawrence Kolata A Study of the Energy and Angular Momentum Balance in the 16O+12C Fusion Reaction via Measurement of the Post-Fusion Emissions
1984 Rozak, M. Cecilia Darden Deuteron Breakup on the 4He at low Bombarding Energies
1983 Hinterlong, Steve  Darden Fine-structure wavelength measurements in two-electron phosphorous and calcium
1982 DeYoung, Paul Kolata Fusion cross section measurements for the 12C + 20Ne, 14N+14N, and 14N + 10B systems
1981 Rozak, Stephen Funk Recoil Distance Lifetime Measurements of the Nuclei 146Sm and 147Eu using (hl,xng) Reactions
1981 Zumbro, John Browne A Study of the Odd-A Bromine Isotopes via the (he,d) Reaction on the Even-A Selenium Isotopes
1979 Rakel, David Mihelich Investigation of the Transitional Nuclei 143, 145Eu and 149Gd using Hl, xng Reactions
1978 Fleissner, John Mihelich In-beam Gamma-ray Studies of 147, 149, 151Eu and Reactions Induced by 6Li ions in the 30-100MeV Region
1978 Montestruque, Luis Darden A study of the 76, 78, 80, 82 Se (d, p) 77, 79, 81, 83 Se reactions using polarized deuterons
1977 Bieszk, John Darden Studies of the odd –A Germanium isotopes with the Ge (d,t) and GE (d,p) reactions
1977 Parrot, Michael Miller Nuclear Resonance Fluorescence in 27Al
1976 West, Roger Mihelich Investigation of g-vibration and Other Side-bands in 162, 164, 166Er and 154Gd
1976 Mateja, John Browne Structure of 57Mn Using the 54Cr(a,p), 54Cr(a, pg) and 55Mn(t,p) Reactions
1976 Tarara, Richard Browne A Study of the Energy Level Structures of the Ytterbium Isotopes 169-175Yb