Year Name Adviser Ph.D. Thesis Title
1995 Won Kyun Chung Kolata Development and testing of a Bragg curve spectrometer
1994 Susan Fischer Aprahamian Spectroscopic studies of the nucleus Au
1994 James Ross Wiescher Coincidence measurements of reaction branchings in hot CNO cycles and the RP process
1994 Xiang Wu Aprahamian Investigation of multiphonon vibrational states in deformed nuclei
1993 Kent Scheller Wiescher The delayed neutron decay of the exotic nuclei  N, C and C
1993 Christian Illiadis Wiescher Explosive stellar hydrogen burning in the mass A=30-40 region
1993 Suil Dixit Kolata Quasi-elastic reactions of Si and Cl with  Pb at energies in the range of 1 to 3 times the Coulomb barrier
1992 Ulrich Giesen Wiescher Study of capture and transfer reactions on 0 and Ne and astrophysical implications
1992 Richard Tighe Kolata Entrance channel effects in sub-barrier fusion and the formation of nuclear molecules
1991 Danzhao Ye Garg From single-particle to superdeformed:  a multitude of shapes in Hg and a new region of superdeformation
1991 Zeid Ayer Darden Study of the He(d,He p)n and He(d,t p)p reactions using 17 MeV polarized deut
1991 Laura Van Wormer Wiescher Energy levels in C1 above the proton threshold and astrophysical network calculations
1990 Robert Kryger Kolata Neutron-charged particle coincidence studies of hot nuclei
1990 Stephen Graff Wiescher Nuclear and astrophysical implications of proton capture on 28Si
1989 Larry Lamm Wiescher The Influence of the Level Structure of 20Na upon the Stellar Reaction Rate for 19Ne(p,g)20Na
1987 Jerry Hinnefeld Kolata Studies of Reaction Mechanisms for Systems forming A=56 Compound Nuclei at Elab/A=6-9MeV
1987 Norman Gaiser Darden Singlet deuteron production in the deutron-alpha breakup reaction at 7 MEV
1987 Richard Vojtech Kolata Quasielastic processes in the SiPb systems at 5-8 MeV/nucleon/
1986 Arati Chaudhury Garg Lifetime Measurements in 119-123Xe, 121, 123 Cs and 119I using the Recoil-Distance Method