Year Name Adviser Ph.D. Thesis Title
2015 Qian Li Wiescher Measurement of the 14N(p, γ)15O reaction in the CNO cycle
2015 James Matta Garg Exotic nuclear excitations: the transverse wobbling mode in 135Pr
2015 Darshana Patel Garg A Study of the Isoscalar Giant Monopole Resonance: The Role of Symmetry Energy in Nuclear Incompressibility in the Open-shell Nucle
2015 Rashi Talwar Wiescher Stellar Neutron Sources and s-Process in Massive Stars
2015 Anthony Battaglia Aprahamian Conversion Coefficient Measurements of 176LU using Iceball
2015 William Bauder Collon A Measurement of Actinide Neutron Transmutations with Accelerator Mass Spectrometry in Order to Infer Neutron Capture Cross Sections
2014 Brian Bucher Aprahamian On the production of the light heavy-elements 90A
2014 Fengqiao Luo Caprio Can Nuclear Structure Be Revealed in a Reduced Model Space?
2014 Karl Smith Wiescher β-Delayed Neutron Emission Studies of Neutron-Rich Palladium and Silver Isotopes
2013 Amy Roberts Kolata Investigating Proton Pairing in 76Se with Two-Proton Transfer onto 74Ge
2013 Akaa "Daniel" Ayangeakaa Garg Exotic Modes of Collective Nuclear Excitations Nuclear Tidal Waves and Nuclear Chirality
2013 Matthew Bowers Collon A study of 36Cl production in the early Solar System
2012 Sergio Almaraz-Calderson Aprahamian Study of resonance reactions in light nuclei for nuclear structure and nuclear astrophysics
2012 Richard deBoer Wiescher Measurements and Analysis of Alpha-Induced Reactions of Importance for Nuclear Astrophysics
2012 Antonio Kontos Wiescher Direct capture in nuclear astrophysics: the cases of 17O(p, γ)18F and 4He(3He, γ)7Be
2012 Ethan Uberseder Wiescher Experimentally Constraining the Nucleosynthesis of 60Fe in Massive Stars
2012 Andreas Best Wiescher Measurement of Alpha Capture Reactions on O-17 and O-18 for the S Process
2011 Georgios Magkotsios Wiescher Nucleosynthesis During Freeze-Out Expansions In Core-Collapse Supernovae
2010 Matthew Quinn Aprahamian Beta Decay Half-Lives of Neutron Rich Isotopes in the Germanium-Bromine Region
2010 Paul LeBlanc Wiescher Measurement and R-Matrix Analysis For the 15N(p,g)16O Reaction
2010 Shawn O’Brien Wiescher Exploring the alpha p-process with high precision (p,t) reactions
2010 Christopher Schmitt Collon Equilibrium Charge State Distributions of Low-Z Ions Incident on Thin Self-Supporting Foils
2010 Mary Beard Wiescher Reaction Rate Calculations in Dense Stellar Matter
2010 Daniel Robertson Collon New measurements for the astrophysically important 40Ca(α,γ)44Ti reaction
2010 Ian Bentley Frauendorf Wigner X Resolved and Photo-Reaction Cross-Section Predictions:  Improvements for Astrophysical Calculations
2009 Annalia Palumbo Wiescher Alpha Capture and Alpha Elastic Scattering on p-nuclei to Probe the Hauser-Feshback Framework
2008 Jennifer Couture Wiescher A Search for Second Class Currents in the A=8 System
2008 Tao Li Garg Isotopic dependence of giant resonances in the even-A $^{112-124}$Sn isotopes and the asymmetry term in nuclear incompressibility
2008 Xiaofeng Wang Garg Exotic Collective Excitations at High Spin: Triaxial Rotation and Octupole Condensation
2007 Boris Skorodumov Aprahamian Resonance Reactions Induced By Light Radioactive Beams
2007 Elizabeth Strandberg Wiescher AGB Star Nucleosynthesis of the Magnesium Isotopes
2007 Smarajit Triambak Garg The isobaric multiplet mass equation and ft value of the 0+ → 0+ Fermi transition in 32Ar: Two tests of isospin symmetry breaking
2006 Hye Young Lee Wiescher The 18F(a,p)21Ne reation and its Astrophysical Implications