Year Name Adviser Ph.D. Thesis Title
1975 Detorie, Nicholas Rollefson Nuclear Structure Information for States in Krypton 85 from the 84Kr(d,p) Reactions
1975 Yoh, James Darden A Study of the 70, 72, 74, 76Ge(d,p)71, 73, 75, 77Ge Reactions Using Polarized Deuterons
1975 Visvanathan, Ashok Mihelich K INternal Conversion Near Threshold and Some Nuclear Structure Studies in the Rare Earth Region Using Radioactive Decay and Reactions
1975 Sokol, John Browne The Isospin Violation in the 12C(6Li,a)14N(2.31MeV) Reaction
1975 Huttlin, George Rollefson The vector analyzing power in the (d, p) and (d, f) reactions on even nickel isotopes
1975 Wessels, Barry Miller Absolute excitation energy measurements using an electrostatic analyzer
1974 Collins, William Chagnon A study of gamma-ray transitions in 38K
1974 Justice, Dennis Miller Nuclear resonance fluorescence in 55Mn
1974 Longo, Denis Chagnon Lifetimes of excited states of 38K
1974 Marolt, Gary Browne Isobaric spin doublets in 16 near 13 MeV excitation
1973 Hichwa, Bryant Chagnon The Electromagnetic Properties and Spin of Excited Levels in 55Mn
1973 Lawson, Jerome Chagnon A Study of Gamma-Ray Transitions in 21Ne by the 19F(3he,pg) Reaction
1973 Schmidt, Arthur Funk Gamma-Gamma Directional Correlation and Determination of Multipole Mistures in 174yb and 182W
1972 Aymar, Jesus Rollefson Total Angular Momentum Transfer in the 58Ni(d,p)59Ni and 60N(dp)61 Ni Stripping Reactions
1972 Hrejsa, Allen Browne Isobaric Spin Violation in 20Ne(d,a)18F
1972 Kamykowski, Edward Browne The Isopsin Violation in the 14N(d,d)14N(2.31) Reactioin
1972 Madden, OSC, Sister Mary Antoinette Funk Half-life Measurements of Short-lived Nuclear States in 154Gd, 180Dy, 174Yb, 182W, 173Lu, and 175Lu
1972 Oehlberg, Richard Mihelich A Coulomb Excitation Study of 160Dy, 162Dy and 164Dy
1972 Sousa, David Mihelich Study of the Decays of 152Tb(17.5h) and 173Ho(23.9h) Employing Si(li) and Ge(li) Detectors
1972 Stocker, Harold Browne Isobaric Spin Violation in the Reaction 10B(d,d)10B
1972 Zolnowski, Dennis Mihelich A study of the decays of Tb(17.5h) and Hf(23.9h) employing Si(Li) and Ge(Li) detectors
1971 Corrigan, Kevin Darden Deuteron Polarization in the 16O(d,d) 16O(d,po)170, and 16(d,p1)170 Reactions
1971 DeLuca, Jr., Paul Chagnon A Study of Levels of 34Cl via 32S(3He,pg) Reaction
1971 Rainis, Albert Mihelich A Study of the Decays of Ho162, Ho162m and Ho 160+Ho160m
1971 Seremak, William Funk A Study of Decays of Lu172 and Lu174m
1971 Friesel, Dennis Miller Resonance Fluorescence of 23Na
1970 Belt, Ronald Mihelich Half-Life Measurements In Ytterbium-172 And The Decays Of Europium-147(22 Day) And Hafnium-173(23.9 Hour)
1970 Klopcic, Terrence Darden A Study of Neutrons from the T(3He,n)5Li Reaction
1970 Paperiello, Carl Mihelich A Study of Decays of Gd146, Eu146, Tb158 and Lu170; Band Mixing Calculations for Negative Parity Bands in 158Gd
1969 Bissinger, George Chagnon A Study of Gamma-Ray Transitions in Aluminum 26
1969 Foust, Ronald Miller Nuclear Resonance Fluorescence in 31P and 55Mn
1969 Hevezi, James Darden Angular Distributions of Neutrons from the 20Ne(3He,n)22Mg and 18O(d,n)19F Reactions
1969 Piowaty, James Miller Pair Production Cross Section of Leafd Near Threshold
1969 Quin, Paul Chagnon Angular Correlation Measurements in 18O(3He,pg)20F
1968 Callender, William Browne Isobaric Spin Doublets in 8Be
1968 Duray, John Browne Isotopic Spin Violation ion the N14(d,d)N14 Reaction and Precision Determination of the Excitation Energies of N14
1968 Garritson, Grant Miller Absolute Pair Creation Cross Sections using Monoenergetic Photons
1968 Sapyta, Joseph Mihelich A Study of the Decay of the Re182 Isomers (13h and 64h) and Ta(115d) to W182
1967 Buss, Duane Funk The Decays of Pm146, Eu146, and Eu150,150m
1967 Froelich, Albert Darden The Tensor Polarization of the Deuterons from the 9Be(p,d)8Be Reaction
1967 Kenealy, Patrick Mihelich Coincidence and Directional Correlation Measurements in the Study of Excited States in Gd156 and Eu168 Populated by the Decay of Tb256(5.3d) and Tm168(87d)
1967 Kugel, Henry Funk Fast Coincidence Measurements; Halflives of Nuclear Rotational States and Positron Lifetimes in Metals
1966 O’Donnell, Frank Browne Measurement of nuclidic masses in the lower mass region via precision measurement of Q values
1966 Jaklevic, Joseph Mihelich Coincedence and Directional Correlation Measurements on the Decays of Gd149 and Tb160 Employing a Ge-Li Detector
1966 Loscoe, Phillip Miller Resonance Fluorescence of Nuclei near A=25