Year Name Adviser Ph.D. Thesis Title
2005 Aaron Couture Wiescher 19F(p,γ)20Ne and the Stellar CNO Burning Cycle
2005 Claudio Ugalde Wiescher The 19F(α,p) reaction and the nucleosynthesis of fluorine
2005 Plamen Boutachkov Aprahamian Toward Understanding of the Nuclear Force via Detailed Spectroscopy of 208Bi and Development of New Techniques for Studies of Neutron Rich Exotic Nuclei: Spectroscopy of 7He
2005 Jason Daly Wiescher Lifetime Measurements of Excited States in 19Ne
2004 Edward Stech Wiescher The Astrophysical Impact of the 20Ne(p,g)21Na Reaction
2003 Shaofei Zhu Garg Exotic rotation in weakly deformed and triaxial nuclei
2001 Robert de Haan Aprahamian K=0+ Excitations in Deformed Nuclei
2001 Rebecca Detwiller Wiescher Alpha scattering applications in astrophysics
2001 Donald Peterson Kolata Elastic scattering of 9Li and 11Li from 12C at 50 MeV per nucleon
2000 Chris Ortiz Garcia Scalar currents in 0+ [to] 0+ beta decay and the 8B neutrino spectrum
2000 Peter Santi Kolata Study of the 9Li(d,p)10Li reaction
2000 Paul Tischhauser Wiescher The use of elastic scattering to constrain the stellar reaction rate of 12C (a, g)16O
1999 Manojeet Bhattacharya Garcia Two Experiments In Neutrino Physics:  Double Beta Decay Of Cadmium-116 And The Efficiency Of An Argon-40 Neutrino Detector
1999 John Walpe Garg Lifetime measurements in the A-180 region using the doppler-shift recoil distance technique
1998 Stilianos Vouzoukas Wiescher A study of the levels of astrophysical importance in 32Cl and 35Ar
1997 Benny Davis Garg Investigation of the isoscalar giant dipole resonance in EPB
1997 Hendrik Schatz Wiescher Wasserstoffbrennen unter extremen Temperatur- und Dichtebedingungen
1996 Joern Meissner Wiescher Activity Measurements of Importance to Stellar Nucleosynthesis
1996 Michael Belbot Kolata A Study Of The Beta-Delayed Neutron Decay of Beryllium-14
1996 Sanjeevan Naguleswaran Garg Gamma ray spectroscopy in the mass 110 region
1996 Kenneth Lamkin Kolata The study of the d+ELi reaction at astrophysical energies