Constraints on the 111In(γ, p)/(γ, n) branching point relevant to the γ process

Published: November 2020 Simon

Lead Author(s): O. Olivas-Gomez

111In has a poorly-constrained (γ,p)/(γ,n) branching point that can impact γ process model predictions of the p-nuclei abundances. This motivated the cross-section measurements of 102Pd(p, γ)103Ag,108Cd(p, γ)109In, and 110Cd(p, γ)111In reactions using HECTOR and the γ-summing technique. Learn more

Publication: Measurements of proton capture in the A=100–110 mass region: Constraints on the 111In(γ,p)/(γ,n) branching point relevant to the γ process