Deep underground measurement of 11B(α,n)14N

Published: September 2023 Wiescher

Lead Author(s): T.C. Borgwardt

The elemental abundance of the first stars leads to questions about their modes of energy production and nucleosynthesis. The formation of 12C occurs primarily through the 3α process, but other reaction chains may contribute significantly, such as 7Li(α,γ)11B(α,n)14N. This sequence cannot only bypass the mass A=8 stability gap, but could be a source of neutrons in this environment. However, the efficiency of the chain depends on the possible enhancement of its low energy cross section by α-cluster resonances near the reaction threshold. A new study of the reaction 11B(α,n)14N has been undertaken at the CASPAR underground facility from 300–700 keV. Learn more

Publication: Deep underground measurement of 11B(α,n)14N