First Direct Determination of the Superallowed ß-decay Q_EC-value for 14O

Published: June 2015 Brodeur

Lead Author(s): A.A. Valverde

The Q-value of the 14O superallowed decay was measured directly with the LEBIT Penning trap at the NSCL. This new Q-value is one order to magnitude more precise than the literature and results in an increase in the corrected Ft-value. The direction of the shift in Ft-value is consistent with the 10C value, which could indicate the presence of scalar current. This provides a strong incentive to experimentalists to improve the branching ratio measurement and to theorists to improve the isospin-mixing corrections in order to confirm or refute this trend. Learn more

Publication: First Direct Determination of the Superallowed β-Decay QEC Value for 14O