First direct measurement of the 59Cu(p,⍺)56Ni cross-section to understand the Ni-Cu cycle

Published: October 2021 Ahn

Lead Author(s): J.S. Randhawa

The Ni-Cu cycle, which features the competition between 59Cu(p,⍺)56Ni and 59Cu(p,𝛾)60Zn, is thought to operate in X-ray bursts and core-collapse supernovae through the νp-process. If 59Cu(p,⍺)56Ni dominates, it can halt the reaction flow above Cu which directly impacts the X-ray burst light curves and casts doubts over the vp-process as a producer of p-nuclei. We performed the first direct measurement of the 59Cu(p,⍺)56Ni reaction using an exotic beam of 59Cu and IRIS detector array at TRIUMF. Learn more

Publication: First direct measurement of 59Cu(p,α)56Ni: A step towards constraining the Ni-Cu cycle in the cosmos