First measurement in the Gamow window of a γ-process reaction in inverse kinematics: 76Se(α,γ)80Kr

Published: August 2020 Simon

Lead Author(s): J. Fallis

This work presents the first cross section measurements of the 76Se(α,γ)80Kr reaction. The rate of the time reversed reaction, 80Kr(γ,α)76Se, is one of the most uncertain of possible reactions which can occur at the 80Kr branching point on the γ-process photo-disintegration pathway. The success of these first (α,γ) cross section measurements performed in inverse kinematics in the energy region of the γ-process opens the door for future studies of reactions on radioactive γ-process nuclides. Learn more

Publication: First measurement in the Gamow window of a reaction for the γ-process in inverse kinematics: 76Se(α,γ)80Kr