Investigation of direct capture in the 23Na(p,γ)24Mg reaction

Published: October 2022 Wiescher

Lead Author(s): A. Boeltzig, R.J. deBoer

The 23Na(p,g)24Mg reaction plays an important role in the nucleosynthesis environment of asymptotic giant branch stars as a breakout from the NeNa to the MgAl cycle. At temperatures above 0.06 GK, the rate is dominated by narrow resonances, but at lower temperatures nonresonant contributions take over. While the narrow resonances have seen several recent studies, the non resonant component has seen little study. At the University of Notre Dame, experimental measurements were made over the energy range from 0.5 and 1.05 MeV, with a focus on the nonresonant cross section. Several transitions were observed. Learn more

Publication: Investigation of direct capture in the 23Na(p,γ)24Mg reaction