New 10Be(p,α)7Li reaction rate and implications for the formation of Solar System

Published: July 2022 Ahn

Lead Author(s): A. Sieverding, J.S. Randhawa

The presence of specific short-lived radionuclides in meteorite samples suggests that the formation of our Solar System was triggered by a nearby supernova explosion. A recent study showed that low-mass supernovae can produce 10Be at a level compatible with meteorite data. However, the 0Be yield in supernovae is highly sensitive to the 10Be(p,α)7Li destruction reaction. We studied the impact of this reaction on the 10Be yield from supernovae considering a recently observed near-threshold resonance in 11B. Learn more

Publication: Role of low-lying resonances for the 10Be(p,α)7Li reaction rate and implications for the formation of the Solar System