Data Acquisitions

Two general purpose VME-based data acquisition systems are implemented for experiments with the accelerators at Notre Dame. They are built on the production version of the NSCL DAQ system using optical fiber cable readout and tailored for the experiments conducted at ND. A VMUSB version of the NSCL DAQ system is also available for general setup. It is mainly used for the ASIC system suitable for setups using silicon strip detector arrays. Another VMUSB NSCL readout system is dedicated for the use at the end station of the St. George beam line. A new digital data acquisition system (DDAS) implemented for the ND-TAS NaI summing detector is based on the XIA PIXIE-16 technology and can provide cutting-edge fast readout for various detection systems. Two fast Comtec readout systems with fast high resolution NIM ADC modules are typically used for the experiments using HPGe detectors (e.g., GEORGINA array) at the 5U accelerator. Two sets of ORNL DAQ systems are also in service for low-rate experiments. In addition, several Ortec MCA NIM-USB modules are available for simple setups like gamma counting, foil thickness measurements, etc.